Motorbike Licence Victoria

We have created our website for people who are interested in obtaining a Motorbike Licence in Victoria. Ideally situated in Melbourne, we have been offering Motorcycle Training courses to new motorcycle riders for many years.

What you will find on the Motorbike Licence Victoria website, will be all the necessary information to help you get your Motorcycle Licence. Our course will allow you to obtain a motorcycle learners permit, which you will be required to hold for 3 months and up to 15 months. You will be require to pass the Vicroads Knowledge Test along with the Vicroads Motorcycle Permit Test. Once you are ready to obtain your motorcycle licence, you will be required to complete and pass the Vicroads Motorcycle Licence Skill Test.

Motorcycle Training Melbourne

We have several types of Motorbike Training available at our Melbourne location to obtain your Motorbike Licence Victoria.

Pre Learners Permit

First up we have a pre learners training course that is intended for people who have never ridden a motorbike before. This introductory course will give you the opportunity to see if riding a motorcycle is for you. You will learn the very basic skills of how to change gears correctly, taught basic cornering skills and how to come to a safe controlled stop.

Learners Permit Course

Learner Permit Course & Testing is a full day course which will teach you all the skills required for the test and more. You will be taught basic motorcycling skills such as, normal stop, emergency stop, cornering, riding at walking speed, counter steering and much more. There is 4 exercises you will be required which to be complete during the learners permit course.

Motorbike Licence Course Victoria

The course is designed for riders to improve on their riding skills and learn new techniques to further their riding abilities. One on One Training is available. We are proud to animate what is involved in the test to ensure you have a better understanding of what the practicle test involves. The test is made up of two exercises with six tests of skill to achieve getting your Motorbike Licence Victoria.

Motorcycle Licence Victoria

In order to obtain a motorcycle licence, we recommend downloading the Vicroads Riders Handbook 2011 and Vicroads Riders Handbook 2011 Part 2 .